Two-Factor made simple.

Get an additional layer of security with our free credential management app wiokey and access your favorite web services using only your phone’s biometrics! And it’s open source!


Passwords are complex and insecure

Maintaining good account security while trying to keep up with the ever growing number of e-commerce, social media, email and other web services, is quite the task. Trying to remember different passwords with mixed letters, numbers and special characters is just impossible.

So to save stress, many of us reuse passwords, leaving us vulnerable to hackers! Because having one of your account’s details leaked on the dark web or becoming a victim of phishing, means all your accounts could be compromised. 

What can I do about it?

Luckily, many web services offer 2-factor authentication in the form of the U2F and FIDO2 security standards. But conventional solutions in the form of USB sticks are expensive and inflexible, and alternatives like One Time Passwords (OTP) sent to your mobile are incovenient and less available.

At WIOsense we want to make these extra security measures convenient and available to everyone. Which is why we are launching wiokey.

Easy 2-Factor Authentication using wiokey

With the wiokey mobile app, securing your account can be as easy as unlocking your phone with your fingertprint! Simply connect your mobile and computer either through Bluetooth or over the Internet, type your account password, and authorize the login with your phone’s biometrics.

Wiokey is completely free for non-commercial purposes! So you can download it right away. 

Increase your security in three steps:

Install Companion

Enable 2-Factor Authentication for your services

Enjoy the extra security

Benefits of using wiokey

Personal security solution using only your mobile

Complete protection against phishing cyber attacks

Easy credential managament

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Looking for a commercial deployment?

Our integration platform makes it possible to embed an extra layer of security to both specialized applications and internal services.

Contact us for a demo implementation of the wiokey APIs, and how to implement them in your ecosystem.


About WIOsense

We are a German start-up passionate about wireless connectivity on a mission to seamlessly and securely connect our users to the digital world. Join us to find out more!